Milano Genius, route to Hong Kong and viceversa

Milan represents a convenient and meaningful frame to promote an interesting vision of Italian Genius that could be considered by asian counterparts an highvalue potential not only for quality of contents, but also for those aspects that can be assumed internationally as system and industry cooperation’s opportunities.

The first edition of Milano Genius (2019) supported by IIC Osaka included well framed and specially selected contents about contemporary arts and visual arts, music (three nights live concert that promoted the music of Jannacci, Vecchioni, Gaber), photography (about Milan in development with special photo-works by Andrea Cherchi author of Semplicemente Milano) performing arts (in occasion of 50th anniversary from first performance of Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo we hosted Mistero Buffo in Osaka with video introduction by Jacopo Fo)

In particular for the design section, it has offered the opportunity for Japanese designers (first edition was mainly focused on cultural and institutional relations between Milano and Osaka) to be part of contest and exhibit activities in Osaka in conjunction with the Italian Design Day and to take part in the Milan Design Week 2019 – Milano Fuorisalone – with the patronage of the Milan and Osaka Municipality.

Fifteen original design prototypes have been selected and exhibited at the prestigious Superstudio, one of the Fuorisalone main location, in the center of Milan.

With the aim to continue the cultural dialogues and cooperation between Italy and Asia, and reinforced by the successful project Design made in Osaka, Milano Genius is now planning to expand its exchange intent with the project “Design made in Hong Kong”. (click here to check well detailed concept and step plan of realisation)

The project objective, sustained by IIC Hong Kong directed by Stefano Fossati, is the realisation and promotion of creative projects on the Design thematic front, fostering the encounter with industry, brands and institutions to enhance opportunities of a global development and cooperation for the emerging generation’s creativity, supported by institutions and businesses.

The project offers designers, business and institutions partners from Hong Kong the opportunity to present their projects in Hong Kong and during the prestigious Design Week in Milan, and to obtain a free service of product placement, communication and promotion. This creating the platform to gain international visibility and recognition.

Design made in Hong Kong project operates from February 2020 to April 2021
The initial phase aim to identify institutions, Universities and industries to explore and define partnerships and sponsorships for the projects development. In accordance with parties involved the curator will create a ‘Proposal for Creativity’ with proposed themes reflecting the Hong Kong culture and the involved parties expertise. The organisers will support, facilitate and coordinate the projects development from concept to fruition.

Beyond the frame introduced above, the cross cultural cooperation between Italy and Hong Kong can be reinforced with a secondary “Call for Creative Professionals – The Italian workshop in Hong Kong” that can introduce high level contents from Italy about the selected topic spread in Hong Kong. This call can is announced and managed by Asian Studies Group partnered organisation in Milano Genius format, involving post degree young professionals in Italy (in particular with joint support by important institutes operating in the field with base in Milan as done before with Brera Academy or IED)

The “Call for Creative Professionals – The Italian workshop in Hong Kong” from Italy will be sustained by Milano Genius in Hong Kong through the Italian Institute of Culture Hong Kong as concrete opportunity to present a workshop selected by commission of experts among drafts and introductions collected in the next months.

The candidate who will get selected in the Call for Creative Professionale, will be able to attend and to manage directly special workshop in October 2020 in Hong Kong under co-organisation of the event by IIC Hong Kong. (location and introduction will be kindly offered by institutional partner)

Well detailed info about the phases of execution of this project are available here


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