Municipal patronage for Milano Genius 2019

The municipality of Milan has granted Milano Genius 2019 its patronage, as an important and stimulating event that fosters occasions of comparison and cultural exchange between Osaka and Milan, whose strong bond of sister cities is further strengthened because of EXPO 2015 (in Milan) and 2025 (in Osaka).

Milano Genius is entirely supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka and co – ordinated by Asian Studies Group in Italy but, with the recent recognition from the municipality that officially supports and believes in its effectiveness,  it officially presents itself as an opportunity to enhance the privilege of the city in a foreign country like Japan.

Now what surprises the most is not only the concession of the patronage with which an authority like the Municipality of Milan has decided to support our project, but also the fact that the event will not physically take place in the Italian territory but in Japan.

As a result, according to the guidelines of the Municipality in terms of patronage concession, the municipal patronage can be granted in case of social, cultural, educational, scientific or touristic events that are able to promote the general image of the city within the international scenario.

Events like these should also prove to be socially relevant in terms of the history and the traditions of the city or to strengthen national and international relationships in different fields involved in their realization.

Consequently, such events are seen as opportunities that can significantly contribute to the growth and the enhancement of the local community, its reputation and its products.  

Exceptions to this rule are rare since they require a complicated procedure in order to  successfully obtain the patronage and only occur when the event does not physically occur in Milan but its realization still strongly benefits the city.

One of the very few antecedents that we can take as an example is that of the Leosphere, the wooden sphere inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s studies installed in Chicago in 2018 in occasion of the 45th anniversary of the twinning status between Chicago and Milan.

As for Milano Genius, the cultural advantages that this manifestation can bring to Milan are numerous and enclose multiple artistic fields.

In fact, many events will take place in internationally- known locations such as the Osaka City Hall, the Knowledge Salon or the Swissôtel. Furthermore, the entire project focuses on the city of Milan and deals with Italian artists and performers, whose artistic, creative, photographic contents regard Milan as their primary object of promotion.

Osaka City Hall

In the following months Milano Genius 2019 will have to prove its full potential through a variety of events and exhibitions during which selected artists will allowed to gain recognition and visibility in a foreign context but always representing the essence of their local culture, what creative contents Milan creates in fields like Art, Design, Performing Arts and Photography in the name of innovation and cultural exchange.



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