Milano Genius 2019 continues to propose high-quality artistic content and, since April is now approaching, Milan Design Week 2019 happens to be the next scheduled event .

Our project, organizedby the Italian Institute of Culture Osaka and coordinated by Asian Studies Group as far as Milan is concerned, will significantly take part during the Design Week from April 9th to April 14th thanks to the participation of a specially selected group of Japanese designers.

As already mentioned, Milano Genius works with Superstudio Group within the Design made in Osaka project, for one of the three themes of the event, the one named “Take a Seat”.

Differing from Cool Japan and Design and Planet (respectively presented at Corte dei Miracoli and ASG headquarters in Milan in the same period), Take a Seat deals with three seating artifacts created by talented Japanese artists,whose works have been selected by the organizers of the event. The three designers will then have the possibility to exhibit their projects within such a prestigious event as the Design Week.

The exhibition concerning Take a Seat will take place at the Superstudio Più location, in an area like the Tortona district, where Superstudio has given a vital contribution to its urban redevelopment, and the selected projects that will be available from April 9th are “Exist Chair” by Luna Naito, “Venation” by Mayumi Kuwayama and “With Bamboo” by A Chi x cosi = eco (formed by artists Akino Iida, Eko Yasuno and Koji Sakai).

The “Exist Chair” project has been developed by young Japanese student Luna Naito, who currently studies Design at the University of Osaka. Being her main aim that of creating artworks tightly connected to nature and capable of unconsciously attracting the audience, her project seems a sum up of her beliefs, thanks to a chair that recalls a big creature standing on its four legs.

Exist Chair by Luna Naito

In addition, the way in which it is constructed creates the illusion of the plane plate to be bent. With its simplicity in design and materials (maily wood) , the chair is not strange but still very noticeable. Also remarkable is the fact that for its assembly glues are not needed, allowing this project to be considered as an example of sustainable art.

As far as “Venation” by Mayumi Kuwayama is concerned, the main focus is the philosophy of “sustaining”. The veins in which energy is free to flow can become complex, they can sustain themselves and others too. The artwork’s theme is that  “A storm reinforces nature and all human beings are connected to nature through roots.” It doesn’t matter how strong and destructive the storm may be, the tree will always survive as human beings do. Beyond all difficulties and problems, our roots will become always stronger. Nature and human beings live together and they have been connected since forever.

Venation by Mayumi Kuwayama

The project, created using fiber of hemp and wire, shows Kuwayama’s experience in art installation and design object creation, works that she often presents in a variety of highly attended locations.

With regard to the third project, “With Bamboo” by artistic group A Chi x cosi = eco, it aims to be a piece of furniture for Landscape Design. This means that such designs are to be considered as elements that fit into the natural scenery, apart from being comfortable for our bodies. For example, bamboo forests are familiar or nostalgic for Japanese people.

In its structure, its continuing tall lines generate fresh air, allowing this project to be considered as something more than just a physical tool. Design should be friendly with nature, as well as nature is kind with human beings. The chair is also a “bamboo forest”, created with bamboo sticks from Wada city, that aims to represent a solution for the abandoned forests in Osaka.

With Bamboo by A Chi x cosi = eco

A brief explanation of the selected projects is therefore needed to allow the audience to fully understand their deep meaning and the logic behind their creation. Only a careful observer will in fact be able to appreciate the beauty that Milano Genius 2019 and Design made in Osaka offer to us during the upcoming Milan Design Week 2019.



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