Osaka panders Milan through the Italian Design Day 2019 to discuss urban redevelopment

Scheduled for March 1st at 5.30 pm at the Knowledge Salon (Knowledge Capital) in Osaka, the Italian Design Day 2019 is ready to start, as a cultural initiative supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka and in collaboration with Asian Studies Group.

Special attention during the IDD 2019 will be paid on a talk presentation by its official Design Ambassador Gisella Borioli, Owner-CEO of Superstudio Group and creator of the international event dedicated to contemporary design called Superdesign Show.

In her talk, the nominated Ambassador for the city of Osaka will analyze the process of urban redevelopment started by Superstudio in an area like the milanese Tortona district, originally considered suburban and now converted into the archetype of fashion&design district, that has been able to redefine the concept of design for the entire milanese environment.

Gisella Borioli

This important urban rebirth also contributes to strengthen the bond between Osaka and Milan, both cities of EXPO that share a twinning status too, with the former city that conceives the latter as an example to look up to. As a result, the redevelopment of such a degraded area  is studied by the prefecture as a extraordinary case of economic and urban upgrading that is worth special attention.

Furthermore, the location chosen for the event seems anything but random. As its own name suggests, the development of Knowledge Salon was in fact part of a redevelopment project for “the last prime land in a city center,” and attracted much public attention, as it was specifically created to celebrate knowledge of any kind.

Knowledge Salon (Capital Knowledge)

As a consequence, the example given by Milan and the Tortona district represented an important path to follow for the city of Osaka, which started its action with the construction of the Knowledge Salon, whose biggest aim is to become a hub for innovative contents and to enhance the high potential of The Umekita district (Osaka station North district).

By using cutting-edge knowledge as a resource under the theme of proposing, experiencing, and learning future lives, Knowledge Capital fosters a variety of creative and innovative contents that significantly contribute to the prestige of the city.

Both municipalities of Osaka and Milan have gathered the important that such innovative projects can bring to Milan, not only nationally but also internationally speaking. That is why the Municipality of Milan decided to grant Milano Genius 2019 the patronage although the event does not physically occur in the Italian country.

In addition, during the talk there will also be discussed the importance of Japanese design artworks exhibited at Superdesign Show over the years thanks to a speech by Chiara Ferella Falda, Director of Communication and Special Projects of Superstudio. Last but certainly not least,  the “Take a Seat” project in collaboration with Asian Studies Group will be deepened too.  

Given such preconditions, the Italian Design Day 2019 with its theme “The City of the Future” forewarns a stimulating discussion about the importance of design in urban redevelopment as well as an occasion of cultural comparison and exchange for both realities that share different styles and cultures.



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