Who We Are

Milano Genius 2019 is a project that has been granted official Patronage by both municipalities of Milan and Osaka. The city of Osaka will also be hosting Expo 2025.

IIC Osaka – coordination and funding

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The Italian institute of Culture in Osaka is one of the biggest reference points as far as the Italian culture is concerned in Osaka, as well as in its surroundings and not only among people generically interested in Italy, but also a public with specific cultural interests (design, cinema, music, etc…). The IIC has also tried to improve the quality of the cultural services offered through different events with the aim of spreading and promoting the Italian culture.

ASG – Representative in Milan and Operative Partner

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Asian Studies Group has initiated since 2009 an intensive activity of linguistic training, concerning oriental languages among which Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Furthemore, it has started to support linguistic mediation among Italy, China and Korea as a preferred vehicle used by Institutions and companies to consciously support high quality projects. ASG also deals with different activities as an expositive and multidisciplinary centre for high quality events through which it fosters new young artists both Italians and Asians.

Starting from 2016, Asian Studies Group has also created an internal department, ASG – Produzioni, involved in the production and distribution of artistic contents with a specific focus on intercultural cooperation between Europe and Asia.

Arti Services – Technical Partner associated with Switch on Your Creativity – 6th edition

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Founded in 2016 and based in Tokyo, Arti Services offers a variety of services for cultural events and the promotion of young and talented artists.

Cooperative networks on the project



Superstudio Group, with its two locations Superstudio Più and Superstudio 13, is a focal point that has been able to give effective answers to the necessities of a city that is always looking for big custom and alternatives locations to the Exhibition and where it is possible to host artistic events and expositions in many different fields, from fashion to art and design.

Act Agency Milano

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ACT Agency Milano is a communication agency that fully involves part of the staff of the organization, enhancing their professional competence concerning cross media communication, online and offline editorial planning, storytelling, graphic design, style , photography and PR support for numerous events.

Municipal patronage

Municipality of Milan

The patronage represent an important form of acknowledgement through which the municipal administration expresses its symbolic adherence to a project/event important for the city and its territory, that has been recognized as deserving in terms of its finalities. Granted the patronage, it is possible to use the logo of the municipality; the logo is prestigious, as it represents the name, the tradition and the history of the city.

Municipality of Osaka

The municipality of Osaka granted Milano Genius with official Patronage, as a cultural event that contributes to enhancing culture in its various forms while strenghtening the relationship between Osaka and Milan through an activity of artistic exchange.