Nights called Milan

By Kevin Carrara

Milano Genius 2019 keeps pursuing its goal to enhance the relations between the two twinned cities of Milan and Osaka offering the Nights Called Milan initiative produced by the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka alongside the Swissôtel Nankai in Osaka. This project is patronized by Municipality of Milan and is sponsored by iFOODQ and distributed by ASG-Produzioni, branch of Asian Studies Group.

Exactly how Design Made in Osaka and Mistero Buffo had already proven their high value on design and theatre representations, this initiative will be no less in its fields. In fact, during May 2019 there will be three events focused on the bond between music, photography and culinary world.

Nights Called Milan starts its journey on the 15th of May in Osaka with a VIP dinner gala at the Swissôtel Nankai in Osaka, in which the guests will be able to taste the unique Lombardy’s food thanks to the exquisite plates realized by the awarded chef Eros Picco. He was awarded in 2008 with a Michelin star and he is currently managing the iFOODQ project that he founded in 2017 in order to spread worldwide the Italian agricultural and enogastronomic excellency.

In the meanwhile, the attendants will be pleased by the voice of Michele Gorlero accompanied by the piano of Alberto Mancini. The music of the night will come from the repertoire of the famous and iconic Italian singers Vecchioni, Jannacci and Gaber. Alberto Mancini is not only an acclaimed performer, in fact, he is a very talented and skilled person that in 2016 was awarded with the U.N.C.L.A. prize for young composers and that now leads the 18 members band Deaf Kaki Chumpy.

Nonetheless is the preparation, ability and variety shown by Michele Gorlero. He is not only capable of make people at ease with his voice as a singer, but his skills go far beyond the music field and reach the theatre one. In 2015 he became a member of the chorus during the performance of Ellie Goulding at the MTV Europe Music Awards. His theatre skills were also acknowledged numerous times especially since 2017, when he started a collaboration with Paolo Cacciato and Asian studies Group. As a co-protagonist of the theatre performance Fushikaden he was able to win the first prize released by Teresa Pomodoro foundation at the Teatro Nudo award.

Thanks to this three important and awarded figures, the guests won’t experience a simple concert accompanied by food, but they will live a perfect and unique fusion between taste and music that they won’t be able to forget in a long time.

Besides the VIP dinner gala on the 15th of May, Nights Called Milan will be performed in Osaka two other times on the 17th and 18th of May.