Milan, central pole for the development of Asian culture

There is no doubt that Milan, as the big metropolis that it is, represents a reference point in Italy when it comes to spreading foreign cultures and traditions. As a matter of fact, the city strongly contributes to raise awareness about cultures far from ours through the promotion of a variety of events and projects organized by different institutions over the year.

In the last few years, the Asian scenario has been given special attention and countries like Japan, China and Korea have started to become popular especially among young people, who became interested in learning not only their languages, but also their customs and tradition.

It is such an interesting panorama that allows Milan to be recognized as central pole for cultural education and exchange.

Among the many organizations based in Milan that deal with Far East countries, Asian Studies Group, with its many high quality cultural activities and projects, surely represents a cornerstone in this field.

In particular, the project scheduled for this year named  Milano Genius 2019 (supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka and coordinated by Asian Studies Group) aims to accentuate an occasion of comparison, collaboration and development of creative topics between the municipalities of Milan and Osaka and to encourage opportunities of cultural exchange and co – operation beyond geographic and cultural boundaries.

In order to be able to enclose all types of cultural and artistic production, Milano Genius 2019 will be presenting events and exhibitions in Osaka. The Japanese city will be hosting EXPO 2025 and shares the twinning status with the city of Milan (host of EXPO 2015). This double link contributes to strengthen the bond between the two locations and to promote occasions of mutual cultural exchange.

In fact, the concept of culture includes a variety of artistic fields that it is always useful to keep in mind: Contemporary Art, Theatre, Photography, Music and Design are all important elements that need to be considered as a vivid expression of lifestyles and traditions of a specific population that can widen not only our general knowledge of the world but also our personal way of conceiving our own culture.

From this assumption, it is important to understand that wanting to learn more about a foreign culture only becomes possible when the surrounding environment offers the right conditions to do it.

The city of Milan has been dedicating efforts and energies to this purpose, fostering events like exhibitions by Japanese artists and designers, music festivals, theatrical representations, concerts, open seminars to promote Far East performers and help the audience to go beyond the mere conception of entertainment and discover the allure within the Asian culture.



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