Milano Genius is a cross cultural project with the aim of promoting arts, culture, innovation and all manifestation of intellectual achievements as high value’s core contents for sharing of perspectives for mutual development, and to open cultural dialogue and cooperation between Italy and Asia.

Milano titled the concept and it has been chosen as representative City of Italian creativity for our project, in particular for dynamism that City of Milan is showing off on international base for cultural industry. The involvement of international companies and organisations operating in the area with strong dynamism and exposure in occasion of crucial events and festivals, reached important echo about industries of design, music, theatre, food, fashion, innovation, new-technologies and so on.

According with this argumentation, Milan represents a convenient and meaningful frame to promote an interesting vision of Italian Genius that could be considered by asian counterparts an highvalue potential not only for quality of contents but also for those aspects that can be assumed internationally as system and industry cooperation’s opportunities.

Foto di Andrea Cherchi – Tram e Garage Italia

The first edition included well framed and specially selected contents about contemporary arts and visual arts (collective exhibitions that involved Accademia di Brera and IED), music (three nights live concert that promoted the music of Jannacci, Vecchioni, Gaber), photography (about Milan in development with special photo-works by Andrea Cherchi author of Semplicemente Milano) performing arts (in occasion of 50th anniversary from first performance of Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo we hosted Mistero Buffo in Osaka with video introduction by Jacopo Fo)

In particular for the design section, it has offered the opportunity for Japanese designers to be part of contest and exhibit activities in Osaka in conjunction with the Italian Design Day and to take part in the Milan Design Week 2019 – Milano Fuorisalone – with the patronage of the Milan and Osaka Municipality.

Fifteen original design prototypes have been selected and exhibited at the prestigious Superstudio, one of the Fuorisalone main location, in the center of Milan.

Visibility for the selected works and creators has been guaranteed entirely free of charge, thanks to a series of important partnerships and sponsorships.

With the aim to continue the cultural dialogues and cooperation between Italy and Asia, and reinforced by the successful project Design made in Osaka, Milano Genius is now planning to expand its exchange intent with some partnerships from Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul.