On April 12, at 7.30 pm, at the Osaka City Central Public Hall, Dario Fo’s play “Mistero Buffo” will be staged thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture Osaka, directed by Stefano Fossati, organizer and promoter of the new theatrical project part of Milano Genius 2019 in collaboration with ASG-Produzioni, patronized by the Municipalities of Milan and Osaka.


The famous show “Mistero Buffo” by Dario Fo and Franca Rame takes up the tradition of the jesters who roamed from city to city telling compelling stories, overcoming the barriers of linguistic diversity and communicating with an always different audience, composed by poor and wealthy people, by the marginalised and the powerful ones, going beyond persecution and fighting against hunger.

In this reinterpretation directed by Elisa Pistis, three young actors from different linguistic realities give new life to those stories with their energy and their urgency to communicate, making themselves “jesters” in order to bring current messages to the public through ancient but universal stories.

The result, followed and much appreciated by Jacopo Fo, son of Dario Fo and Franca Rame, is a show that amuses, moves and at the same time makes people think, without the need for great scenic means but through the simplicity of a virtuous and hyperbolic language made of gestures and expressions, using the “Grammelot” technique.

Entry to the event will be free while seats last.

Here you can watch the interview with the director and performer of the show Elisa Pistis who is working on new and specific version of Fo’s most important work Mistero Buffo



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