Design made in Osaka, when design meets innovation and sustainability

Design represents a fundamental theme within Milano Genius 2019 and the “Design made in Osaka” project. After the Italian Design Day 2019 produced by Italian Institute of Culture, our activities will continue to propose high quality content regarding design starting from these upcoming weeks. 

As a result, from March 4th at the Osaka City Hall with introduction by IIC Osaka,  will be hosted special exhibitions to present design artworks by young Japanese designers who have previously been selected. More specifically this first week (from March 4th to March 11th) will be dedicated to a series of panels, already presented during last year Italian Design week in Italy regarding the theme “Design and Planet”.

Design and Planet panels

The following week (March 11th– March 15th) will then be dedicated to propose the main aim of Milano Genius itself: helping young Japanese designers to reach a wider and international audience and present artworks that celebrate innovation, creativity and sustainability. Our Design made in Osaka project has in fact selected artworks that belong to three different themes, being “Design and Planet”, “Take a Seat” and “Cool Japan”.

Osaka City Hall

These same artworks will then be presented in Italy at different locations, after being first exhibited at the Municipality of Osaka.

With regard to “Take a Seat”, on March 1st the Italian Design Day in Osaka produced by Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka has seen the participation of the official Ambassador for the city Gisella Borioli, who already introduced this topic, supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Osaka and coordinated by Asian Studies Group. The CEO-owner of Superstudio Group hosted a speech during which she discussed not only the process that has led to the urban redevelopment of the Tortona district, once suburban, but she also presented the designers whose artworks has been chosen within the Switch on Your Creativity hub (6th edition) and that will be part of Milan Design Week at Superstudio in April. 

As the name suggests, “Take a Seat” deals with any kind of seating artifact, that shows particular features concerning materials or developing process. In particular, the artworks “with Bamboo” by Akino Iida, “Exist Chair” by Luna Naito and “Venation” by Mayumi Kuwayama resulted to be the selected seats that better enclosed the spirit of the project.

Venation by Mayumi Kuwayama

Concerning, on the other hand, the “Cool Japan” theme, we were looking for interior objects/pieces which could express distinctive features of contemporary Japan or help to understand it in an interpretative key which was also innovative, lively, artistic and charming for its esthetic or use.

Among the different project proposed, the selected ones are Kamata Shinku with “Brush Art Japan”, Masaki Murata with “Terrace Family”, Matsumoto Riku with “Bush”, Ryuichi Matsuoka with “Takatoraya Shirt” and Shinichi Tanaka with “The Playing Card”.  The exhibition of this artworks will take place at “La Corte dei Miracoli” in Milan, location of the artistic residence of Asian Studies Group (ASG-Res).

The Playing Card by Shinichi Tanaka

Last but not least, Design and Planet proposes once again the main theme of sustainability through the pieces “Endangered Insects” by Wataru Kurogi and “Molecules” by Re:Fa and Mayumi Kuwayama at the headquarters of Asian Studies Group in Milan, via Eustachi (Porta Venezia area).

Our activities within Milano Genius 2019 therefore continue within the following months, predicting stimulating artistic opportunities for both visitors and designers.   



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